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Portable 3 in 1 kitchen roll holder/Mold Making/Tooling/Plastic Injection/Second Processing And Finishing Operations

  • Model No.:KTM001
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

 Portable 3 in 1 kitchen roll holders (SAKURAPATTERN)


(Kitchen paper & Foil & Cling Wrap Holder)


The portable kitchencontainer rack is one of the best products in our corporation. This product isto make life easier and neater, because storing cling wraps, kitchen paperrolls and aluminum foils will become much simpler. They will be just in placewhen you need them. kitchen could become a fashion place with our designablecube with sakura pattern.


Furthermore, thiskitchen container rack has following decent features:


ü Uniqueand portable structure -

The cling wrap andaluminum foil containers can be separated from the main backboard and take themto wherever you are going. They also possess the features of segmenting andstorage. Take them wherever you go, not just kitchen.


ü Safe andeasy cutting -

The ergonomic slidingknob covers whole cutting blade so that the blade is not exposed to the openair. It is very different from the sawtooth blade which is not easy to cut andmight harm yourself.


ü 3-Layordesign -

The unique 3-layordesign makes no redundant space in between. It maximizes space management and thusmakes saving space and storage a piece of cake.


ü simplewall installation design-

 unique backboard design, make the installation easyand simple. installation accessories are includes.


ü Green Design Concept- This product startsfrom the concept of "green design." The containers of this productcan be used repeatedly in order to replace any other materials used exceptcling wraps and aluminum foil themselves. This concept can save up to 3000 tonsof cartons and 74 millions blades.


ü Light and ElegantOutline- The concept of unique outlining and cherry blossomprinting can modernise your kitchen.


ü suitablefor commercially available rolls.


Weinsist this product is made in Taiwan to ensure quality.


Thisproduct is patent rights approval.


Manufacturing Process

Inthis Product

ODM/OEM mold development-- > 
Plastic injection-- > 
Paint spraying-- > 
Printing-- >  

Manufacturing Service

ODM&OEM Service

Mold Making/Tooling Making

Plastic Injection

Second Processing And Finishing Operations

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