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plastic mold , plastic injection/ODM&OEM Service/Mold Making/Tooling/Plastic Injection/Second Processing And Finishing Operations

  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Key Features

An expert manufacturer of plastic injection products, molding design and production. We produce all kinds of precise of molds & plastic products,and there are production lines both in Taiwan and Mainland China.

The prouct categories we major:

1.Electronic products

2.Sport and medical equipments

3.Motor vehicle parts or toolboxes

4.Make-up, medical equipments

5.Daily supplies

6.Other related plastic accessories


We are welcome:


1.Welcome custom samples and cooperation.

2.Mold development and production.

3. Plastic Procession & Forming

4. ODM & OEM


Manufacturing Process

Inthis Product

ODM/OEM mold development-- > 
Plastic injection-- > 
Paint spraying-- > 
Printing-- >  

Manufacturing Service

ODM&OEM Service

Mold Making/Tooling

Plastic Injection

Second Processing And Finishing Operations