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Keyboard/mobile phone buttons/ODM&OEM Service/Mold Making/Tooling/Plastic Injection/Second Processing And Finishing Operations

  • Made in:Taiwan
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Efforts for Your Satisfaction

Key Features

Plastic injection:

Electric products --keyboard buttoms , speaker buttoms and GPS buttoms


Since 1982 we have been a specialized maker in plastic procession.


We produce all kinds of precise of molds & plastic products


For mutual benefit, we welcome cooperation and partners.


We welcome manufacturers, traders...etc, any cooperation styles.



Major area,

  1. ODM & OEM.
  2. Daily supplies: wood-plastics bowl(green material) storage box, wall mounted kitchen roll holder….related products manufacturing.
  3. Make-up, medical equipment related product manufacturing.
  4. sport and medical equipment related product manufacturing.
  5. Motor vehicle parts or toolboxes.... related products manufacturing.
  6. Electronic products: Television, CD drive, DVD player, keyboard, remote controller, cellphone, etc.... related product manufacturing.
  7. Tool(Mold) development and design.
  8. Plastic injection molding, painting, spray-painting, processing assembling.
  9. Other related plastic accessories manufacturing and producing.
  10. Manufacturing Process

    Inthis Product

    ODM/OEM mold development-- > 
    Plastic injection-- > 
    Paint spraying-- > 
    Printing-- >  

    Manufacturing Service

    ODM&OEM Service

    Mold Making/Tooling Making

    Plastic Injection

    Second Processing And Finishing Operations